Attacking abandoned/inactive cities

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Attacking abandoned/inactive cities Empty Attacking abandoned/inactive cities

Post by Dewbacca on 2015-03-03, 17:15

Sent By: Bresslyn [Grace]
Received By: Dewbacca [Grace]
Date: 03 Mar 2015 16:37
It's been brought to my attention that some of our players are attacking inactive and abandoned cities. Before doing so, please check with a senior officer (myself, Julius or Badger) to make sure that the city is, indeed, free to be attacked. Active versus inactive are subjective terms if you're not in an alliance with the player ... sometimes players will take a break or need to be off Illyriad for any number of reasons and don't want to come back to sacked cities in disarray.

This I cannot be too clear on, so I'm going to shout: DO NOT ATTACK ANY ABANDONED OR INACTIVE ACCOUNT THAT HAS AN ALLIANCE AFFILIATION. Many alliances use such accounts as training accounts and attacks on them are seen as acts of aggression.

When in doubt, ask!

We now return you to your regular Illyriad pursuits. Smile


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